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This document is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and privacy policy for My Wardrobe Zen. It explains how and why I collect and process your personal data, what it is used for and how I'll keep it safe.
I, Victoria Nicholson am the owner of My Wardrobe Zen and am a sole trader. My business trading address is 3 Festing Road, London SW15 1LW. I am also the Data Controller for My Wardrobe Zen and am therefore responsible for keeping your information safe and secure, giving you access to it if you need it, and disposing of your information if you ask or when a reasonable time period has elapsed. If you have any questions about this GDPR and Privacy Policy you can contact me at
Personal Data Collection
This section explains the types of personal data collected from you, the client, as well as how and
why it is used. The types of personal data collected fall into one of two categories:
1) One-to-one and group clients
This includes clients with whom I work one-to-one (for decluttering, organising and tidying sessions) or in
groups (for talks or workshops) either in their homes, in a designated group meeting space, over the
phone or via Skype or other online meeting systems. If you are one of these clients, you will have
initiated our contact via telephone, email, a message through a social media platform or via the website and we will have agreed to work together. This category also includes prospective clients, who have initiated contact with us but who have not yet made any specific appointments.
The personal data that I collect and store about you includes:
 your full name,
 your telephone number(s),
 your physical address(es),
 your email address(es),
 Skype name
 any other online identities that you wish to share
 information about why you require help with decluttering and organising
I will collect this personal data via email or telephone conversations OR during the initial face-to-face consultation and will only collect the minimum amount of information required in order to be able to make appointments with you, visit your home for a scheduled appointment, make an appointment
to meet with your group for a talk or workshop, or meet with you online for a virtual appointment.
All the personal information that you provide to us is held on our secure software which is provided and supported by a third party. We endeavour to ensure that your personal information is maintained and updated correctly. It is your duty to inform us of any changes to your personal information to ensure that it is up to date.
2) Photos
Before one to one work commences, you will be asked whether you give consent for a ‘before’ photo to be taken of your space and/or an ‘after’ photo. These photos will then be sent to your own digital device and deleted from our device OR should you give consent, I will keep the images and
use them on My Wardrobe Zen's social media platforms/website. I would take care that the images did
not contain factors which would identify you in this case. No images will be taken or shared without
your clear consent.
Personal Data Access and Disposal
If for any reason you require access to the personal data that I hold about you or would like to change , update or delete all or any of it, you are able to request this from me via email at I will respond to your request within a reasonable time frame.
The GDPR requires that personal data be held only for a reasonable amount of time. If we have worked together one-to-one or in a group session, I will hold your personal data for 18 months after
our last communication, after which I will consider you a ‘past client’, and then I will dispose of all of your personal data. If you wish to work with me again after this, you may contact me and we will resume our working relationship, and I will re-collect the relevant personal data from you at this time.
Keeping Data Safe
Your data is stored in secure software which is password protected and your information is accessed through a PC or phone which are also password protected. Any data recorded via paper is input into the secure software and the paper then shredded.
In the case of any of these storage methods being stolen, breached, or hacked, I will do the following within 72 hours of discovering the incident:
.Notify the police if it is a physical theft or loss of my laptop or phone
 Notify my email provider if it is a case of email hacking.
 In any of these cases, report the data theft, breach, or hack to the ICO (Information
Commissioner’s Office), which is the Regulator for the UK, if the incident has a high likelihood of severity of a resulting risk to the affected clients’ rights and freedoms.
 In any of these cases, we would contact all of the clients whose personal data has been compromised and would provide advice in order to help them protect themselves of any effects of the breach.
If you feel your personal data has not been handled correctly or you are unhappy with any response I have made to you concerning the use of your personal data, you may contact the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office), which is the Regulator for the UK. If you are based outside the UK you have the right to lodge a complaint with the relevant data protection regulator in your country of residence.
Get in Touch
If you would like to get in touch about any aspect of my GDPR and Privacy Policy or if you have any
questions that have not been answered in this document, please email
or write to my business address:
Victoria Nicholson
My Wardrobe Zen
3 Festing Road
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