Terms and conditions
My Wardrobe Zen
Terms and Conditions

Confidentiality and Privacy
My Wardrobe Zen is a professional service. You can be reassured that I will never divulge client information to third parties, nor any personal and/or business details that I may be privy to through my work with you. My Wardrobe Zen follows the written code of ethics provided by the Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers UK (APDO).
The only way in which your situation may be mentioned to others, is in the context of my own services, and then it will be depersonalised and unidentifiable (e.g. “a client in Putney”). It is helpful to be able to give examples to other clients of how particular situations can be addressed. For example: how long it took to deal with a room of a certain size, the furniture that was used for storage, the solutions we found while working together. If you agree, I also like to take ‘before-and-after’ photographs for use on my website, but this will only take place with your specific permission. Similarly, testimonials are welcomed, for use on my website but these will only be used with your specific permission and personal details will not appear.
I am registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)
I hold full Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance cover for my services. While I will always handle your possessions with great care and consideration, accidents may happen. I shall not be liable for damage or losses and ask that you have appropriate and current insurance policies that compensate you adequately.
 I will require a £30 deposit to secure your booking which will be deducted from my fees at the end of your first session.
Hours of Work
You will be charged for hours actually worked. While a booking will generally be made for a pre-agreed number of hours, it’s understood that it is not always possible to anticipate exactly how long will be needed.
Breaks and Refreshments
If a session covers lunchtime, I’ll bring my own lunch with me; you will not be charged for lunch breaks. We’ll need to break occasionally for a few minutes to hydrate and for you to pace yourself. These short breaks are included within the session time.
Limits of Work
I will do all I can to help you achieve the state of organisation and tidiness you desire. I am very happy to help you with light cleaning, as appropriate. I’m also happy to help you relocate items to more appropriate physical locations. However, I prefer not to attempt any seriously heavy moving.
Removal of Items
Items to be removed from your premises, either for disposal or to other locations, must be at your own discretion. Disposal will not take place without your authorisation.
Best Advice
Advice is given in good faith and it is always your decision to accept guidance on whether to keep or dispose of specific possessions.  My Wardrobe Zen cannot accept responsibility for the consequences of such decisions. From time to time, I may handle items which have a potentially high market value. While I will always use my best endeavours to identify such items amongst your possessions, you acknowledge that I am not a valuer, nor do I have expertise to identify items of special value or rarity, nor am I qualified to advise on valuation matters for insurance purposes.
Payment Terms
Charges for my services will be levied per hour. Payment is due on the day (less your deposit) at the end of the session, in cash or direct by bank transfer.

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