A background in hotel management and over 15 years as an office manager/PA in the City has honed my organisational skills . However, when it came to my personal belongings I have always been naturally untidy so when I discovered a system that worked for me I knew it would work for anyone.

Victoria Nicholson

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konMari™ Method

Marie Kondo is renouned worldwide for her pioneering techniques as an organising consultant, selling millions of copies of her books.
Read the book but don't know where to start? Let me guide you through the six step process 



Do you do just wardrobes?

No, I will undertake any area in your home but I recommend starting with your wardrobe as this will help you to understand better the system which can then be implemented throughout the home.

Should I tidy before you arrive?

Absolutely not. Seeing your space as it is will help me to determine problem areas. As far as I'm concerned, the messier the better!

Do you sell storage boxes?

No. Often when we have finished the process there is less need for storage and I will try to utilize storage that you already have. I am however, happy to make recommendations.

Should I be present?

The KonMari™ Method is a colaborative process. The decision as to which items spark joy is yours alone although I will be there to support and guide you. I will be teaching you techniques so that you can maintain the systems we put in place.

Are you insured?

Yes, I hold professional indemnity and public liability insurance with Westminster Insurance.